"Me time" with Kate - Founder of Akar Skin

March 16, 2018

Featured in Vogue, Elle, Allure and more, the ruby tint lip butter from Akar has been hailed a hero product by beauty editors all over and are now shipping to Australia. The word “Akar” is Tibetan for white crystal. Clear or white crystals are known to enhance the attributes of purity, wellness, and new beginnings.

Founded by Kate, Akar source traditional ingredients like sea buckthorn and goji berries from Tibet’s high plateaus, an area known for its clean air, soil, and sustainable growing and harvesting practices. When not sourcing in Tibet, they look to secure organic and wild-harvested ingredients from growers who care for our Earth.

Like a deep meditation practice, Akar endeavours to promote slow beauty: the act of caring for self and skin by simplifying and suspending time while performing gentle skincare rituals.

ME TIME with Belinda - Founder of My Lily Earth

INSPIRATION  I traveled to the Tibetan Plateau while I was healing from a health incident, and fell absolutely in love with the purity of the air and abundant landscape.

RESET  I find a morning and bedtime routine helpful. Waking up an hour early for a little morning exercise and some light reading before bed keep me relaxed.

INDULGE  Sleeping in is my definition of an ideal morning. I also enjoy hiking and just be in nature..

AUTUMN/WINTER BEAUTY ESSENTIAL A face oil to combat dry winter skin is essential. Our Desert Rescue Face Oil is a keeper.


Akar Skin