"Me Time" with Melissa - Founder of Bee One of a Kind

April 16, 2020

Founded by Melissa in Melbourne, Bee One of a Kind is a collection of natural self care products, designed to inspire women to prioritise their wellbeing. With a background in Natural Therapies, Melissa’s mission was to create the opportunity and inspiration for like minded women to pause and self prioritise. To formulate and create minimalist, no fuss self care options that compliment daily skincare routines.

Bee One of a Kind has a strong focus on sustainability and zero waste. The natural self care range includes everything from brightening face masks, glimmering body oil to rose tinted lip balms. Their packaging is predominantly made using recycled glass materials and can be reused and recycled.

"Me Time" with Melissa - Founder of Bee One of a Kind

INSPIRATION  Growing up in a Italian family,  I was inspired by my  nonna who made everything by hand. She was famous for her multi purpose soap that she would spend months preparing. She was the ultimate Queen bee, she was a determined and hard working woman who did her best to provide for her family, the best way she could with what she had.  Equipped with  my studies and the birth of my own daughter in 2015, I was determined to embark on the same path and create natural toxic free products that would ultimately benefit myself and my family.  

RESET  Turn up the music and dance awkwardly in my living room!

INDULGE  Definitely start the day at a favourite secluded cafe, sipping on my latè in my resusable cup, then head home to my ultimate sanctuary where i would put on a face mask, sip on my wild orange infused water and infulge in some captivating and thrilling Netflix series while snacking on roasted chick peas and chocolate! I love being at home and for me, this is my ultimate place of indulgence and tranquility!

AUTUMN BEAUTY ESSENTIAL Rosewater for sure! Particularly during Autumn and either months when the environment is prone  to harsh conditions, a spritz of rosewater helps to rebalance the pH levels of the skin, provides a protective layer and offers a dewy  glow.

AUTUMN WEEKENDS  Sneaking off to a weekend retreat in regional Victoria,  visiting second hand stores, sipping coffee and being with my family.


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