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Today we get to talk all things beauty and lifestyle with Yasmin Border who is the founder of The Soak Life, one of our brand partners for the first Peony Parcel! The November Wanderlust Edition of the Peony Parcel subscription box includes a full size Lost in Paradise bath soak from The Soak Life for a tropical scented relaxing bath.

 After spending the past 16 years working in the beauty industry, including a stint as editor of a beauty magazine, Yasmin still couldn’t find high quality scented bath soaks that had the healing benefits of salt to complete her nightly bathing ritual. She remembered making bath soaks as a child with her Grandmother using a family recipe and spent two years researching ingredients, testing and perfecting the formula. Finally she found the perfect mix of salts, coconut oil and fragrance which not only had the healing properties she was looking for, they also had gorgeous scents which whisked you away to a tropical paradise!


One of the major standouts of your product is the amazing tropical themed packaging. Please tell us about your inspiration behind The Soak Life?

I love tropical destinations, two of my favourite places to visit are Samoa & The Cook Islands in the Pacific Islands. These gorgeous islands have the most pristine beaches with white sand & crystal clear, turquoise water. Every time I visit these places, I am left feeling so relaxed and at peace that I never want to leave (I actually spend a fair chunk of my trip trying to work out ways to stay there forever) so I wanted to recreate this feeling at home with the scents of the islands.

I love bright, colourful and tropical things so I wanted our packaging to reflect that with each scent having a different pattern on the packaging so you can easily identify each scent at a glance.

What are your 3 tips for maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle?

Of course I am going to say a bath as number 1! A bath for me is like meditation, it’s a way for me to escape from the world for a short time and just float in warm water. I also need to spend some time outside each day, even if it’s just sitting in the sun for 15 minutes or going for a short walk. I live near the beach so I love to walk down to the beach each day and just sit on the sand (or go for a dip if it’s warm enough). And I can’t forget my family & friends, I always make sure to take time out to see them even if it’s just for a quick dinner. They make me laugh and they are an amazing support system through the good and the bad.

What are your top 3 favourite beauty products right now?

I love Coconut oil, it works really well with my skin (which is why we use it in our Salty Bath Salts) so I am drawn to products which use it as a main ingredient. For my body I love to slather myself in a body oil instead of a moisturiser as there tends to be no filler ingredients plus it gives your body a gorgeous sheen. I am currently using Banaban Te Uri Virgin Coconut Body Oil which has an amazing Gardenia scent & is made from pure Virgin Coconut Oil which is grown & harvested in Fiji.

I am in the sun a lot so I wear sunscreen on my face & body every day, I really like Eco Tan Natural Sunscreen spf 30 which is a physical sunscreen that gives broad spectrum protection against both UVA & UVB rays & contains Coconut oil to moisturise the skin.

While I am having a bath, I love to slap on a face mask, my current favourite is Cocovit Coconut Charcoal Face Mask. It contains Activated Coconut Charcoal & Coconut Oil to gently draws out toxins & impurities, exfoliate, & absorbs any excess oil! 

Will you be introducing more products for The Soak Life anytime soon?

Yes we will! We are in the process of expanding our range into body products which we are pretty excited about. We are just finalising the formula & packaging. It should be ready to launch in the new year. 

Can you share some of your favourite blogs? because I am a snoop and I love seeing what other people have in their bathroom cabinets. is great because it has a mix of beauty, fashion, technology and lifestyle. is my go to website and magazine for when I want to feel inspired and read about other people following their dreams and achieving success.


You can find The Soak Life @thesoaklife and

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