"Me time" with Alana - Founder of New Moon Blends

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Founded in Melbourne by qualified nutritionist Alana Kaye, New Moon Blends is a natural and holistic line of beauty products that are free of chemicals with no additives or preservatives. From aloe vera eye makeup removers to floral bath salts and their new spirit line of crystal sprays, smudge sprays and palo santo, the range is made of all natural plant-based ingredients to feed and nourish the skin. New Moon Blends also has a reward system in place for their eco conscious customers - return your empty New Moon Blends bottles to them and they will reward you with a 20% discount!

ME TIME with Alana – Founder of New Moon Blends

INSPIRATION I was sick of seeing products full of chemicals that actually harm the skin and wanted to create natural products that actually nourish and feed the skin the way nature intended us to. 

RESET Meditation always helps me, along with a nice long walk along the beach or a nice park.  I find rewriting goals and values always helps me to work out where I am going too and to have a clearer picture. 

INDULGE Oh my, I absolutely would start off with some yoga followed by a hot stone massage, facial and a nice calming tea afterwards. BRB booking one in right now. 

SUMMER BEAUTY ESSENTIAL I may be bias here but a mist! In summer time it is essential to hydrate the skin and our mists do just that, plus it smells great too so you don't have to worry if you don't have perfume. 


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