"Me Time" with Anjelina - Founder of Baji Skincare

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Founded by Anjelina Sharma, Baji has combined nature’s powerful super-nutrients and Australian native ingredients to create a highly effective range of skincare that provides deep therapy for your skin.

Baji uses Australian native ingredients including select organic plants, lilly pilly, vitamin-rich Quandong, Southern Cross bush flower essence, and the Kakadu Plum which has the highest concentration of Vitamin C of any single natural food source in the world and is a superior antioxidant. These are combined with other natural ingredients such as ylang ylang, pomegranate oil, organic hibiscus extract, and more to create their skincare ranges.

The Baji skincare range includes a cosmeceutical skincare for women, a spa range and cosmeceuticals specifically for men

"Me Time" with Anjelina - Founder of Baji Skincare

INSPIRATIONhad always been into skin care from a very young age. What inspired me was the land we live in; we have one of the world’s oldest ecosystems, with an abundance of unique plants, with super nutrient properties.

I took on what seemed to work as a single parent, with the flexibility of working on the business and nurturing my three children. I had to conquer skin conditions like chronic eczema, allergies and asthma. What you put on your skin and your surroundings play a huge role on all three conditions. Having natural skincare that helps your skin and is affordable to everyone was my inspiration behind Baji skincare.

RESET  I take time out doing voluntary work. This grounds me, and gives me a chance to step back and reflect on life and the business from a different perspective.

INDULGE  I love to start the pamper session with either a run, a swim, or cross fit training any type of physical activity. I love to indulge in a spa bath, and then of course a luxurious skincare pamper session, then off to the beach late in the afternoon if weather permits.

SUMMER BEAUTY ESSENTIAL   An exfoliating product! Whether, you use an all nighter chemical exfoliant with AHA or a physical exfoliant like Bamboo powder; There is nothing like a fresh layer of natural looking skin shining through for your day ahead. It also helps smooth on makeup nicely on your fresh natural looking skin.

SUMMER TREATS   Nothing beats great company and food; fresh seafood, salads, and anything pesto at a venue somewhere along our beautiful Australian coastline.            

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