"Me Time" with Christine, Founder of Bloomette

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Founded by Christine in Worimi Country, on the east coast of NSW, Bloomette For Hair is on a mission to provide quality plant-based hair products to help you look that tiny bit more together even when you don't feel it!  Bloomette brings you a natural alternative to hair spray, fuelled by a market saturated with chemicals and safety concerns. Wanting to steer away from synthetics and nourish your hair with natural ingredients, Bloomette For Hair provides an organic everyday solution to the most annoying hair problems - flyaways, baby hairs and unruly beards.  Products like hair spray contain chemicals and alcohols that can be harmful to your hair leaving your hair feeling brittle and stressed. Bloomette For Hair has developed a formulation that holds your flyaways while conditioning the hair leaving it looking healthier and softer than ever before. Not only are the products sulfate, paraben and alcohol free (your hair will thank you later), Bloomette is also 100% cruelty-free. How does Christine spend her "me time"?

ME TIME with Christine -  Founder of Bloomette

Inspiration  I became a mother to three beautiful boys in 5 short years so my hair was extremely hormonal. Always falling out and growing back then falling out again. I began using a toothbrush and hairspray but my hair was constantly brittle and never grew any longer. I knew I wasn’t the only person with this problem so I began researching and formulating. As I learn and meet new people I’ve discovered that this is an issue that affects so many people, not just mum with postpartum hair loss. From weightloss to wigs - I want to share this solution with everyone. Bloomette is not the only hair stick on the market but it’s a leader in its category being the only plant-based one. We have something for everyone in the family so you can be mindful of what you put on your’s and your family's hair and skin.

Hero  The original Bloomette for sure! I love to use the Bloominnie for extra hold at the gym but Bloomette leaves your hair feeling silky smooth. Not only is it packed with luxurious botanicals, it gives you this “you’ve got this” pick me up that you didn’t even know you needed.

Reset  Lately I’ve been practising Mindful Meditation to increase my awareness of what it is that overloads me and what overwhelms me. But when it does I love to spend the night camping with my puppy, some cheese and wine, reset and refocus on my goals and “Why’s”. Smaller getaways include trips to my garden and walks in the rain. 

Indulge  Crystal clear waters, white sands, unlimited iced coffee and many, many dips in the ocean.

Movement Weights - I really love to push myself and vent any stress or frustrations.

Nourish  A thai stir fry with plenty of fresh ingredients that pack a punch like chilli, ginger, lemongrass and lime!

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