“Me Time” with Eilish Antalan -  Founder at Vapore Skin Co

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Founded in Brisbane, Vapore Skin Co has introduced a skincare range with ultra-minimal formulations that is gentle and effective on sensitive skin. The products are vegan and cruelty-free yet include the best quality plant-based ingredients, without adding the unnecessary.

High-quality skincare shouldn’t have to cost the Earth or put a massive dent in your wallet - that is the thought that eventually lead to the creation of Vapore Skin Co. A product that allows individuals to have access to an affordable, yet sustainable range of products that contain ingredients so clean and effective that they can replace most items on your skincare shelf.

Eilish shares with us the inspiration behind Vapore Skin Co and some of her "me time" rituals.

ME TIME with Eilish Antalan - Founder of Vapore Skin Co

INSPIRATION  Mainly sustainability- before VaporeSkin Co it was almost impossible to find clean skincare brands who truly care about the planet we live in, brands that put sustainability at the forefront of their business practices and not as an afterthought. I saw a massive gap in the market for clean and sustainable skincare and decided to create VaporeSkin Co!

HERO  Really tough question because they are all my babies! But if I had to choose it would be the Radiant Active Serum. It has made my skin so independent and healthy with all the natural, skin-empowering ingredients inside.

RESET   When things get a bit overwhelming I find that taking time to myself is the best way to reset. Doing things like spending quality time with loved ones, reading books, exercising outdoors and journalling can help me move on from a hectic period.

INDULGE  My ideal pamper session would start off with a sweaty morning workout followed by a long massage and an epsom salt float. The end of the day would consist of getting my hair and nails done while watching Netflix and eating my favourite foods. Pure bliss!

MOVEMENT  I love full-body training with challenging weights, you would find me at the gym doing mainly compound exercises with barbells and dumbbells. My favourite exercise right now would have to be the dumbbell bench press.

SUMMER  Apart from the VaporeSkin Co range *laughs* I believe every woman should have an SPF product as a beauty essential, it’s so important yet surprisingly overlooked because damage is the #1 cause of rapid aging! There’s an adequate SPF for every budget, your skin will thank you for it!


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