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We had the pleasure of interviewing lifestyle blogger Mim from to get her tips on finding time for “me time” and how she enjoys her “me time”. Mim is a married mother of two small children and is passionate about living life to the full in a positive way and inspiring others to do so too. She thrives on finding ways to be more productive, organised and happy!

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2015, Mim dedicates her time to improving her family’s health, making the most of each second and building a bright and happy future for her family.

We recently completed one of Mim’s free challenges on her blog to help us clear some digital clutter so we are excited to be bringing you some of her tips.

What was your inspiration behind your blog

I started blogging when I was on maternity leave with my first baby. I loved sharing some of the products and places our family loved and in time, my blog grew to be a much needed outlet for me and a community for other mums with small children. I share our family life, the things we love and some very personal stories - including my diagnosis of breast cancer in 2015 and how I have recovered.

What do you do to ‘reset’ when life gets a bit hectic?

Pre-kids, this would have been a quiet and relaxing holiday! These days, I need quick fixes as I have little time to myself. I find meditation works brilliantly for me at forcing my mind to switch off. I've also taken yoga classes in the past that have had the same effect - I really need to get back into that!

What are your tips for those who struggle to find a hint of “me time” in a week?

I think it's easy to look at your busy week ahead and not see any time for yourself. There are always plenty of appointments in the calendar for family things, work, events and more - it's essential to book in some time for you too! Every Sunday, I plan my week ahead and list everything that needs to be done each day. I'll always add in a few things for me too - such as having a manicure or having lunch with a friend if I have more time. I've learned that even on my busiest days, I can always claim 15 minutes for myself. That could be spent painting my nails, a soak in the bath, reading a book or just doing nothing at all! The latter is sometimes all I need to reset.

You have some great free challenges on your website for getting organised and also digital decluttering. Can you explain more about these challenges?

Thank you! I have two running right now and both are aimed at busy women.

"15 Minute Mum" is about what I just mentioned - that we can all find 15 minutes each day to do something for ourselves. For me, that time is currently spent on growing my online business. So many friends had told me that they couldn't find a spare minute to themselves to do the things they love and I found a way that they all easily could - it's been quite transformational for them and I've loved seeing how they're spending their new found time!

Decluttering is one of my favourite hobbies and minimising the contents of my own home is a really fun work in progress. "My Declutter Your Digital Life": challenge is a free 3 day email course to set you on the road to success. If you have a full inbox or your phone constantly beeps with distracting notifications, this challenge is a great way of pressing Pause and quickly working out how to clear through the clutter and prioritise what is important. The result of doing all of this...more time for the things you love!

If you had an entire day, describe your ideal pamper session.

Wow a full day! Ok it would start with a lovely lie in (so rare with small kids!) and then a trip to a day spa with my besties. After a day of massages, manicures and pampering, we would head off for a long late champagne lunch. Then I'd head home to see the kids and put them in bed - they'd fall to sleep immediately, because this is my 'ideal' day! The evening would be spent curled up on the sofa watching an Outlander marathon with my husband before an early night (where the kids sleep straight through!). Ok, if I'm being honest, my full day would be spent at the spa with Jamie Fraser from Outlander but I tried to keep a small grip on reality! and Peony Parcel

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