Our story and celebrating our first birthday!

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A year ago, a mini team of us launched Peony Parcel, inspired by the belief that more women needed to enjoy more "me time". At one stage, we had highly stressful jobs where burning the midnight oil for weeks at a time was considered normal, followed by the negative impacts on our health from doing it over and over again and not taking time out to just relax. We became even more time poor when juggling work with little sleep and expanding families and "me time" got to somewhere down the list of eventual to-dos, along with organise the linen cupboard" and renegotiate the utilities bill. We know we are not alone in this as its a similar story with so many women we have heard from since our launch.

When you're busy- whether it's work inside or outside of home, or looking after the elderly, the children, your partner, your family, your friends its easy to forget to prioritise looking after yourself.  After one too many evenings of wanting to just take a bath or enjoy some pampering (think face mask, foot soak, a candle burning and maybe a glass of wine or even just one of these options), and being caught out with no supplies or expired supplies because it's been that long since we last used them, Peony Parcel was born. The old saying is, you cant pour from an empty glass so we figured if we could have a calmer mind and a body with more energy, the more we could give to those we truly cared for.

Our plan was simple. Every two months, we'd send to our subscribers a parcel with 3 to 5 pampering products and treats from Australian businesses. We would include both full-size products and deluxe travel-sized products and no tiny sachets because -  lets face it, one tiny sachet of face mask may be enough for just one use and ideally, you'd fit in more than one "me time" session before receiving the next Peony Parcel! And we would source these from premium Australian businesses as there are so many talented diamonds that create beautiful products that should be shared. The hope was that every time someone received a Peony Parcel, they would make some time shortly after to enjoy some "me time". These days, every time we release a new Peony Parcel, we make sure to treat ourselves to me time with a parcel too. After all, that's why we began this journey. 

Thanks to our wonderful subscribers, customers, brand partners and team who have supported Peony Parcel in our first year. We thank you for your support, patience (especially when your parcel makes a trip around Australia before landing on your doorstep!), your feedback and kind words that keep us going with creating these beautiful parcels. Ironically, whilst Peony Parcel takes up more of our hours in a day, we have improved with prioritising ourselves just a little more. For us, when we work on Peony Parcel, it is a constant reminder to put less pressure on ourselves, be grateful for the one mind and body that we have and to look after it. 

We hope you also enjoy some "me time" soon. 



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