How to Keep Glowing Skin While Travelling

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Travelling gives us some of the most rewarding experiences of our lives! We open ourselves up to new experiences and create long lasting memories that we will cherish forever. But if you’ve ever been on a long haul flight or been jetlagged, you’ll know firsthand the effect that travel can have on your skin.

These simple tips will help you prevent your adventure from wreaking havoc on your complexion (and keep your travel snaps looking amazing) while you’re away.

For the journey:


Think about what you’ll need while you’re away and create a beauty first aid kit. Stick to the essentials and multi-use products to maximise on space. Make a list of things you’ll need to buy before you pack as well as things you can pick up at the airport. Our favourites include lip balm, wet face wipes, and mints. 


Get ready well before you get on the plane by hydrating in advance. Drinking water goes without saying but adding coconut water can be a nice way to get in more electrolytes while mixing it up. Make sure you have plenty with you on the plane (remember you’ll have to buy these after going through security) to sip on throughout the flight. Try to avoid alcohol, caffeine and sugar as each will dehydrate you.

Beauty oil

Invest in a natural face oil to keep your skin moisturised and to prevent irritation. Facial oils are your secret weapon to seal in moisture, protect your skin against free radicals, and give you a healthy glow. Oils are not just for those with dry skin, everyone can use them. It’s just a matter of finding the right one.

Freshening mist

A face mist will keep your skin dewy and fresh on the plane and beyond, giving you that clean feeling when you can’t wash your face. A mist will help lock in some moisture and can help prevent irritation and redness.

Go makeup free

Use your travel time as an opportunity to go bare-faced – no one will see you behind their eye masks anyway! Your skin needs space to breathe every now and then so if you’re a daily makeup user this is the perfect opportunity to detox your skin.

No touching!

Planes, trains and buses are full of germs and every time we touch our face we are transferring those germs onto our skin. Wash your hands often throughout the flight or trip and make sure your wash your face with a good cleanser as soon as you arrive at your destination.

Once you arrive:

Stay sun safe

Use a good quality sunscreen on your face every day, even if it’s cloudy. Reapply regularly to avoid burning and redness.

Sweat it out

Get to the gym, a yoga class or a do a HIIT workout in your hotel room. Getting your sweat on and your blood pumping will help freshen up your face.


There is no shortcut for good old fashion sleep. Prioritise sleep instead of late nights while you’re away to keep your face from looking puffy and to prevent dark circles under your eyes.

Treat yo’ self

A holiday is the perfect time to indulge! Find yourself a salon on your travels and enjoy a local facial or massage.

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