"Me Time" with Aimee - Owner of Leif Tea Co

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Founded in the beautiful Illawarra and run by Aimee, Leif Tea Co is an Australian business that is passionate about bringing you pure organic tea to nourish, cleanse and heal from the inside out. The teas are blended in small batches to ensure they are as fresh as they can be when they reach you.  Leif Tea Co uses only natural ingredients with no chemical flavours, fillers or additives. All of the products they source are certified organic. The tea range includes Minty, Chai, Earl Grey, Floral teas and more. 


"Me Time" with Aimee - Owner of Leif Tea Co

INSPIRATION My inspiration for Leif Tea Co is really wanting to help women make moments of rest for themselves. We can so easily get caught up in everything that we need to do and everything everyone else needs from us, that caring for ourselves often comes last. Leif Tea Co was created to give you delicious, high quality tea in gorgeous and sustainable packaging to encourage these moments of rest.

RESET You can probably guess, but for me the best way to reset amidst the chaos is to hide away on my own with a beautiful cup of Leif Tea. As I drink my tea and enjoy the slowness of the moment, the world and all its worries honestly fade away. A good book doesn't hurt either!

INDULGE  Ooo this is a tricky one. I'm a mum of two little kids so the idea of having time out just to indulge feels completely impossible but if I had a day to myself to just get pampered it would probably include a massage, maybe a facial, getting my nails done, then lots of chocolate and tea (maybe throw in some wine and cheese) with a good friend.

WINTER My winter must haves are Leif Tea herbal blends to stay hydrated and I am also loving face serums at the moment to feed my skin with gorgeous oils. 

WINTER WEEKENDS  This brings back fond memories of a few winter weekends I've spent in the Yarra Valley in Victoria. 

Discover more of Leif Tea Co here.


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