“Me Time” with Anna - Founder of Obv.

July 01, 2020

“Me Time” with Anna - Founder of Obv.

Founded by Anna Strom in Melbourne, Obv. Beauty Oil is a culmination of a 3 year development process working alongside a local, cosmetic chemist to create the ultimate blend of oils suitable for all skin types, with a subtle, signature aroma. Obv. Beauty Oil is a natural face oil cued to hydrate, smooth, brighten and prime your skin through a carefully curated mix of fruit, flower, seed and nut oils. With Kiwi Fruit Seed Oil as the star ingredient, Obv. Beauty Oil is a light, easily absorbed and non-comedogenic oil. Obv. Beauty Oil is included in the Restore edition pamper parcel!

“Me Time” with Anna - Founder of Obv.

INSPIRATION  I first discovered the power of oils in skincare about 5 years ago on a trip to Fiji, where I was given a small vial of Dilo Oil (cold pressed in a local village) to try. I then started obsessing over researching and trialling different types of oils, and was surprised to see most face oils on the market were made from cheaper, less effective ‘filler’ carrier oils. Some of these oils retailed for exorbitant amounts, and heavily promoted ingredients that were so far down their ingredient list, that the likely quantities of them in the product were miniscule. I wanted to create a face oil that contained only the most effective of ingredients, without fillers, and that didn’t feel heavy or oily on the skin. And so Obv. was born!

RESET  I leave my phone at home and walk my dog, Iggy, along the river; being conscious to focus on everything that’s coming into my senses - the smell of the air, the sound of the wind, the sparkling off the water as it moves. I find this grounds me, gives me a chance to pause and breathe, and leaves me feeling refreshed!

INDULGE  I LOVE massages, so it would definitely involve a day long spa session, with a full body massage, facial, bodywrap, and an afternoon with some champagne in a warm spa or thermal springs! 

WINTER BEAUTY ESSENTIAL A non-toxic, nourishing and occlusive lip balm with really simple ingredients that can be used to both protect your lips from getting chapped from the Winter wind and air, and also double as a balm to use on dry patches (such as the sides of your nose) throughout the day.

WINTER WEEKENDS  This would definitely involve booking a little hideaway somewhere like Hepburn Springs or in a wine region, with a fire place, hammocks, lots of great wine and food, music and dancing!

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