"Me Time with Angelina Raisa"- Founder of That Gypsy Angelina

February 08, 2021

Founded by Angelina Raisa, That Gypsy Angelina is a versatile creative director and artist across a huge variety of mediums suitable for projects that include artistic visual communications with meaning, purpose and data-driven results. Her work has been published online and in print media with OnTrend Bridal, Brisbane Brides, Style Magazines, Pump Magazine, Queensland Home Design + Living, Oh My Digital Agency (including OMD clients) and more.

Including a passion for education and community contribution, Angelina aims to promote genuine community connections, be a valuable member in the community and within organisations and to provide value in artistic and visual communications. She has begun a new journey in self-publishing her knowledge and research for the new Limited Edition magazine HEART – the missing piece; an introduction to the new kindness concept, filled with illustrations, photography, design, recipes and articles for the mind, body, heart and soul. 

Me Time with Angelina Raisa- Founder of That Gypsy Angelina

INSPIRATION  As I sat stagnant with qualifications and skills that I could not use due to an injury to my dominant (right) arm I wondered what can I do next? I could never sit still long enough; I have this desire to contribute to humanity with art and communication. And just as a gypsy I adapted my passion with my limited abilities and made the most of my situation.

FAVOURITE MEDIUM   My favourite medium for art would have to be digital photography and photoshop, but with my limited movements I have come to a new favourite medium to teach myself to be ambidextrous and illustrate left-handed on various devices and programs. I use a combination of an Procreate on an iPad and the Adobe Creative suite.

RESET   I definitely keep learning this one the hard way, being ambitious makes it hard to wind down and reset. My new technique is to think about my senses and how I can calm them individually. I have an article coming out soon about our senses and how we are overlooking them daily; in my first edition of HEART – The missing piece magazine. An introduction to the new kindness concept.

INDULGE   We all love a good day spa but above all a really good pamper session for me is to DIY in the comfort of my own company. Bringing out all my favourite products and ending with watching a ‘career in media’ centered chick flick like The Devil Wears Prada, Confessions of a Shopaholic and How to Lose a Guy in 10 days.

MOVEMENT    I LOVE a bit of light yoga; I’ve only been doing limited light beginners’ techniques and hope to grow in knowledge and body strength once my arm recovers. Yoga with Adriene is a must try for some peace and comfort. For now, I mainly stick to walks by the beach or in the hinterlands and my new recumbent stationary bike.

SUMMER   Lip balm or lip oils. Summer and all year round. Soft and healthy lips remind me to speak kind words.

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