"Me Time" with Annabella - Founder of a.beau official

February 05, 2021

a.beau, founded by Annabella in Sydney, introduces beautiful luxury silk lifestyle and beauty accessories into your everyday life. Featuring a growing range including pure mulberry silk pillowcases and ultra-soft silk scrunchies, the brand fuses high end fashion colours and beautiful neutrals for the home. “Beau” stands for beautiful, true beauty, inside and out, and the brand encourages everyone to embrace their own kind of beautiful.

"Me Time" with Annabella - Founder of a.beau official

INSPIRATION   Being a skincare and health enthusiast, a.beau has always been a part of me but only really started conceptualising in May 2020. With so many beauty brands in the market, I wanted to create a brand where we embody true beauty by encouraging everyone to embrace their own kind of beautiful and by being raw and confident, similar to all our products.

HERO   My personal favourite product in our silk range would be our 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcases in all colours! If I had to pick one, it would be the pink and navy (our brand colours!). Silk bedding can be very costly but a great investment in the long run, hence I would recommend starting with the pillowcase as it provides the most benefits for the cost!

RESET  We all know the age-old adage “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, a positive attitude and optimism in the face of adversity are such great attributes that I constantly strive to achieve. On certain days, this can be difficult but at the end of a stressful day, I ‘reset’ by acknowledging and embracing my imperfections and reaffirming myself that challenges are opportunities for me to grow.

INDULGE   My sneaky indulgence every week is pamper spa session at home, I love ending a long week with a self-care night with masking, guasha and a massage before sinking into my silk sheets for a good long sleep and no alarms for the next morning!

MOVEMENT   Yoga stretching and breathing techniques are part of my everyday routine, keeping me grounded and reflective of my body and mind. Definitely recommend it to start your day on a positive note or end your day with a calming and meditative sensory.

SUMMER   Summer is finally here in Australia and I think every woman needs a fun coloured silk scrunchie in her kit! Not only do they look absolutely cute on your hair, they will be so gentle on your sun-kissed damaged hair. Whether you are more of the classic, pastel or bright kind of woman, we have so many colours for you to choose from!

Discover more at a.beau.  We are also now proud stockists of a.beau's silk scrunchies. You'll find these in our gift boxes and the Build your Own Gift Box section.