"Me Time" With Nicole Louise - Founder of The Wild Fox Apothecary

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Founded in Sydney by Nicole, Wild Fox Apothecary is on a mission to transform the mundane and often times painstaking skincare routine into immersive, beautifying rituals that elevate mood and enhance wellbeing. WILD FOX offers a range of unisex skin and hair care products that can be used in a multitude of ways.

Providing truly natural, effective treatments that you can indulge in and create your own sanctuary spa experience at home or if time poor, use quickly and efficiently with maximum results. Bringing to you inspiration from the purification rituals of the Moroccan Hammam, WILD FOX wants to deliver that experience to you in your own home.

Ingredients for WILD FOX skin and hair care products are sourced from the highest quality USDA Certified ingredients in micro batches from a fair trade co-operative of women artisans in Southern Morocco.  All products are organic, cruelty free, ethical and sustainable. Included in the current edition pamper subscription box is the luxurious WILD FOX premium argan oil, the ancient beauty secret of Moroccan women known as "liquid gold".

Here Nicole shares with us the inspiration behind WILD FOX and some of her "me time" rituals.

ME TIME with Nicole Louise - Founder of WILD FOX Apothecary

INSPIRATION  WILD FOX was brought to life in 2017 by a desire to create inclusive, luxurious, organic skincare that streamlines, transforms and elevates beauty routines. We source premium ingredients in small batches from around the world to create exotic beauty rituals in your own home.

INGREDIENTS  WILD FOX Eau De Rose is 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade Rose Water and you maybe surprised to learn that it can be consumed for additional beautifying benefits.

Rosa Damascena are grown wild in organic, pesticide free soil in Morocco’s famed Valley of Roses. The petals are hand picked at dawn by one of the oldest fair trade women co-operatives in Morocco and steam distilled and bottled within hours of harvesting.

Rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants it rejuvenates and hydrates skin, minimises pores and it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties reduce redness and inflammation. It’s consumed daily in Morocco to treat headaches and stomach upset. Beautifully aromatic, Rose Water is known to ease stress and anxiety and boost mood. Add a few drops to your tea or water....it also makes for a beautiful martini!

RESET  I slow down and pamper myself. Beauty rituals offer a much needed quiet time and respite from our hectic routines. In a world where busy is glorified I wanted to create a line of results driven, all natural products that encourage and embrace self care. Slow beauty is at the heart of who we are.  

INDULGE  It always involves a Hammam Spa treatment, candles, a warm bath and a glass of wine or rose water (mood depending.) How to?

  1. Massage a tablespoon of Savon Noir Argan chest to toe and allow the hot steam from the shower to fill the room and penetrate skin as you draw a bath.
  2. Mix and apply a Ghassoul masque to face and add a splash of Eau de Rose to a warm salt bath and submerge for an aromatic, soothing soak, mist your face intermittently with Eau de Rose to boost and prolong your facial masque treatment.
  3. After soaking jump in the shower and remove facial masque then exfoliate from chest to toe with our traditional Kessa Mitt.
  4. While skin is still warm and slightly damp, apply Premium Argan Oil from head to toe. You and your skin will look and feel rejuvenated, nourished and revived.

BEAUTY RITUAL  My absolute non negotiable is to remove my make-up and products at the end of the day and apply Premium Prickly Pear Seed Oil to hydrate, nourish and rejuvenate my skin as I sleep. I also apply a high SPF everyday even when not leaving the house and drink lots of water.


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