9 Easy Ways to Create a Spa Experience At Home

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She is one of the world's leading spa travel reviewers and experts on all things spa related. She has tried, tested and reviewed some of the world’s leading luxury hotel and resort brands for the past 20+ years and is passionate about unearthing spas around the world and sharing them to help others to feel good and practice more self care. Yvette Le Blowitz is also the founder of #spaitgirl, an online site and community for all things spa, travel, wellness and self care. You could say, she is the queen of spas!

Here Yvette shares with Peony Parcel her 9 best tips for creating a spa experience in your own home.

No. 1 - Set a SELF CARE Date with Yourself

I think the first thing you have to do is actually pick a day - set a Self Care Date with yourself. For me that is always on a Sunday and I block out the full day so I can literally practice self care at home. Also I totally recommend putting it in your calendar and sticking to the day, date and time and not cancelling on yourself. You need to make time to love yourself from the inside out.If you however can set aside the whole day then at least try to block 1 to 2 hours out. If you are a single mum - than you can do what my mum did growing up, which was every Sunday she practiced her self care rituals so I could observe her and learn from her and than mirror her. She use to make time every Sunday to slow down - paint her toe nails, do her skincare, have fresh juices, watch a feel good movie, read a magazine or book.

That is how I first learnt that Sunday was a day of rest and especially when it came to Sunday afternoon it was all about slowing down and resting and that atmosphere was so calming for me as a kid growing up.Also I like to make sure my space, environment is clean - so clean your bedroom, bathroom, lounge room, kitchen. Have a clean, crisp, de-cluttered space and it will make you feel so great mentally.

No.2 - Get Yourself a Spa Like Product or Products that you can use at home

I always recommend trying to buy yourself some products that are actually used in the spa as they have been custom made to deliver a sensory spa experience. There are so many brands now available like ASPAR by Aurora Spas, founded by Lyndall Mitchell who is a pioneer in the Australian spa industry, but there are so many brands that you also share in your Peony Parcel like Salt & Glow.  I also recommend buying the product before the actual self care ritual that way you are less stressed and are all ready to go. You can choose from spa rituals like soaking in a warm bath with your favourite bath salts. Popping on a hair mask by Bondi Boostor an Australian pink clay face mask by Alya Skin.

Try a Pepperberry Pedi Mask by Litya which is Australian made and owned.  Even having a beautiful natural chemical free shampoo and conditioner that is Australian made and owned might be the nicest spa day retreat for you.You can literally pick up body scrubs, body polishes, body lotions by Sukin Australia if on a budget or any of their skincare products and incorporate giving yourself a body scrub and then washing it off in the shower.

It's all about making time to slow down and nature yourself. There are so many products out there and I think it's about choosing what reasonates with you best when it comes to the brand, scent, aromas, textures however for me I always choose products that are natural, chemical free, Australian made and owned. I am so passionate about using Australian made and owned and cruelty free products. I really love the feeling of natural products in my hair and on my skin and I at least try my best to support our own home grown brands, businesses, founders.

No.3 - Turn off your mobile phone or at least put it on silent

If you want to create a Spa Experience at home than I totally recommend putting your mobile phone on silent and letting go of it, put it on charge, out of the way and out of reach because during your self care rituals you need to swap connecting to everyone else on your mobile phone through social media to instead connecting with your own self.

I really think taking a mini social media detox is a healthy thing for our body, mind and soul and it can also help you take a break from the overwhelming amount of content that is now published every day - just think for the 1 to 2 hours you are practicing self care rituals and nurturing yourself you don't have to worry about what other people are doing on-line, nor are you going to be comparing yourself with anyone body else, you aren't going to be doubting your own self or thinking you are not enough, instead you are making time to clear your head space and to work on loving yourself from the inside out and life is liberating when you let go of your mobile phone and forget about all of the videos, photos, messages that you are constantly getting bombarded with when you pick up your mobile phone.

No.4- Bath Robe, Spa Robe, Kimono, Comfy PJS,

I really feel that once you get into a bath robe like a cotton waffle one, or a soft silk wrap from Cotton On Body - it really sets the tone - it transforms your every day to a spa day at home. There are so many cool things out there now but the moment you put on a bath robe, soft slippers, and take all of your jewellery off, loosen your hair, pour a tea, it's literally like getting ready for your spa but at home.

No.5 - Tea or a glass of refreshing water with some fresh lemon or lime in it

I absolutely love drinking a relaxing cup of tea when I am at the spa. Each spa has their own signature tea that they like to provide for their clients but you can choose a calming tea that has lemongrass in it, lemon balm, lavender, chamomile, etc. There are so many combinations that you can now buy from a speciality tea shop, your local day spa, or of course your local groceries, or organic store, or supermarket.When you make your cup of tea, it's all about slowing down, becoming mindful and when you are sitting your cup of tea in a comfy chair or on your day bed in your sunroom or in your lounge it's all about letting go and enjoying the flavour, aromas, the taste, the sensations, to just relax and simply be.

No.6- Playing soft calming music is key

You can choose soft calming day spa music and play it through youtube, or you might have a meditation or relaxation CD. Any kind of music that is slow, soft that either has sounds of the ocean, the waves, the rainforest, the piano, a water stream running, can be so therapeutic and calming.  Having this playing softly whilst you are sipping on your cup of tea will also help to enhance your spa day at home mood.

No.7 - Candles

You can use a candle in your lounge room that is a scented one as that will help bring a calming aroma to your senses and space too, or  in your bathtub when you are having a bath. I love using candles as it really helps to calm you but just remember it's so important to put the candle in a safe place, to also blow the candle out after your spa at home experience - as you are going to be relaxing the chances are because you might be so exhausted from your busy week you could nod off - so make sure your candle is in a place that is safe and always blow it out.

No.8 - Read a little book of feel good quotes or words of wisdom

One of the things I love about visiting a spa is when you are sipping on your cup of tea or water before or after your treatment in their relaxation area is that you can choose from feel good books, magazines. I often flick through books that are books of quotes as it's light reading but at the same time heartfelt and inspiring reading that soothes your body, mind and soul.

No.9 - Breath, Nourish, Nurture, Simply Be

When it's time to pop on your face mask, or hair mask, foot mask, or run your warm bath, when you go to apply the product or to use the product take a couple of moments to simply ground yourself and inhale the product aromas that you have on your hands or when you go to tip the bath salts into the running water by simply inhaling and exhaling you can become present, mindful and aware of the space you are in.Make time to inhale and exhale and simply let go, relax and be.

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