10 Ways To Boost Your Mood Instantly

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No matter who we are or what we do, we all have our good days and bad days. Sometimes, overwhelming work or family commitments can get us down, or we feel low when we realise things aren’t going the way we wanted them to. Even the weather can sometimes have us feeling blue. If you’re stuck in a rut and not feeling like yourself, here are some quick tips to refill the tank and get back to feeling good again.

Get outside

A change of scene can do wonders for our energy levels. Getting up and walking outside not only boosts our mood and but can make us healthier. It also provides perspective, allowing us to see things in a new light. The benefits are even greater if the sun is shining as you can soak up the Vitamin D, and if you can make your way to any kind of green space like a local park or field you’ll feel even better.

Put it in words

When we’re in a slump, we often focus on the negatives and it’s hard to see the good around it. The next time you’re in a really bad mood and feeling like nothing is going your way, take a moment to really reflect on whether or not this is true. Then write down three good things that have happened today or this week. Chances are there will be a lot more than three, you’ve just been letting the negatives cloud the positives.

Get moving

Moving your body is a known way to release endorphins, but you don’t have to slug it out in the gym to reap the rewards of exercise. Do something fun instead! Go for a hike with a girlfriend, join a fun dance class, or learn martial arts and get ready to kick some butt!

Do something for someone else

Putting your attention on others when you are feeling low is a great way to make you feel better. Buy someone a thoughtful gift, surprise them spontaneously, or just write a note to say that you are thinking of them. Their gratitude and appreciation will have you feeling all the feels.

Cancel your plans

If your overwhelming schedule and social commitments are getting you down, ditch them. Go through your calendar and see which events are necessary and which are not. If there is something you are really dreading, be honest with yourself about it and cancel it. Be open about why you don’t want to go and feel the relief sink in as you take the pressure off yourself to attend everything, even just for one weekend. Bubble baths and Netflix binges here we come!

Look at old photos

Flicking through photos is a great reminder of happier times if you’re been feeling low. And, if your memories include other people, you’ll be reminded of the wonderful connection you have with your loved ones. Pull out the photo album and you’ll be smiling in no time.

Plan an adventure

Give yourself something to look forward to and plan a trip. It doesn’t have to be a lavish overseas holiday, it could be a weekend getaway to the beach or the mountains with a bff or significant other.

Put on a killer playlist

It’s impossible to listen to Blue Swede’s “Hooked on a Feeling” and still be in a bad mood. Or perhaps Mika’s “Love Today” or Beyonce’s “Love on Top” is what does it for you. Create yourself an uplifting playlist to play when you need a bit of musical therapy.

Hug someone

Did you know that hugging reduces stress and can make you both happier and healthier? When we hug, our bodies release oxytocin (also known as the love hormone) and its mood boosting effects elevate feelings of intimacy, connection and trust.

Buy yourself a gift

While we don’t recommend frivolous spending as a solution to a bad mood, buying yourself something that you’ve wanted for a while or that will be good for your mental health, such as a yoga membership (or a Peony Parcel!) can be a great way to remind yourself you deserve good things.  

Be gentle with yourself. You've got this.

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