"Me Time" With Mariam - Founder of Eves Skincare

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Day 1 of our advent pamper parcel reveal for 2020 was the Intensive Eye Cream from Eve's Skincare Australia! This range offers customers the experience of organic and beautifully harnessed vegan and handmade skincare. At Eve's Skincare, the team believes that skincare should be free from harmful and toxic chemicals and ingredients.

Here Mariam, the founder of Eve's Skincare, shares with us the inspiration behind Eve and some of her "me time" rituals.

ME TIME with Mariam - Founder of Eve's Skincare

INSPIRATION The drive for eves skin was not finding anything on the market that was suitable for my sensitive skin and my pocket!

HERO I love all my products but my absolute favourites would have to be the hyaluronic acid serum amd exfoliating herbs.

RESET I love sitting on the beach and watching the waves it instantly calms me down.

INDULGE If i had a whole day to pamper my self i would definitely go for a massage followed by a manicure and pedicure!.

MOVEMENT  I try to take walks on the beach whenever I get a chance to .

SUMMER  My advice for an essential summer item would be the Hyaluronic acid serum it is scientifically proven to hold 1000 times it weight in water. With our harsh Aussie sun having soft moisturised skin is a must!

Discover more at Eve's Skincare here.

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