Freya's Nourishment Founder, Kristie on Beauty and Health From Her Kitchen Pantry

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Founded in Melbourne by Kristie, Freya’s Nourishment is an artisan range of beauty and skincare products featuring traditional family recipes with a contemporary twist. All the products are preservative free, cruelty free natural products using local and organic products wherever possible. The range includes relaxing bath and foot salts, body scrubs, facial oils along with the best selling rose hand scrub as well as some new additions being released in Spring! One look at the instagram page @freyasnourishment and you’ll see Kristie’s passion is for all things in the kitchen and not just natural skincare! We asked Kristie about “Freya” and her favourite creations in the kitchen.

Tell us about how Freya’s Nourishment came about and why “Freya”?

Freya is the Nordic goddess of love and beauty and is a celebration of my Danish background, something I have always felt drawn to. Freya in Scandinavian also means “lady” which I loved as the products I create help connect us back to our feminine selves, pampering and treating ourselves with respect and love. 

When did you discover the benefits of natural skincare products and what tips would you give to those looking to get started on natural skincare?

I started changing over to natural skincare products about 9 or 10 years ago. One product at a time, as products ran out I would replace them with natural ones. To be honest I don’t use a lot of products, I’ve never been a big makeup wearer, and have a small range of skincare so it hasn’t been a big chore! My tips would be start with one product. Don’t throw anything out as that is just a waste. As you run out, replace. You won’t get it right straight off. I’ve bought so many moisturisers that have been too light, but I add some of my Rejuvenating Facial Oil to thicken it up until I use it up. Try some of the beautiful subscription boxes, Peony Parcel is perfect, as it’s a great way to get an introduction to products. Visit markets, talk to the makers, try out our testers.  Be aware that it’s not just what you put on your skin, but also what you eat, clean your home with. Just be conscious of your choices. It’s a long slow process to find all of your new favourite products but have fun with it! 

Because your instagram is always popping up with delicious kitchen creations, please let us in on what your favourite winter dinner and dessert recipes are at the moment!

Oh I could talk food all day! I have two favourite winter dinners - Smoky Baked Beans and also Beetroot and Black Bean Burgers 

Although I try not to eat too much raw food in winter, I really can’t go past Peanut Butter Caramel Crunch for a treat!

So good! What are your favourite “me time” indulgences?

A bath! Whether it be a full bath or a foot bath, there is something just so relaxing about it. Plus, once you’re submerged, you can’t move so everything else has to wait! Tucking myself up into my favourite armchair reading a book is also heaven to me, or heading down to the beach for some fresh air and exercise - that’s where I feel completely free and disconnected from everything else other than my immediate surroundings. 

What is your favourite natural botanical?

Oh that’s so hard to answer! I have so many that I love, for all different reasons, depending on their use! There are so many beautiful oils available, from Camellia oil, Jojoba, Apricot Kernel, Sweet almond oil, Calendula…essential oils I can’t do without. They have not only such fabulous physical healing properties but emotional ones also, which is something I love to focus on with the oils I use. Whilst you must be careful with essential oils due to their contraindications, their benefits are multiple.

For someone with sensitive skin, if we had $100 to spend online right now to begin our natural skincare regime, what would you recommend trying out?

For just under $100 you could see great benefits using the Rejuvenating Facial Oil, the Rose Hand Scrub and one of our Bath & Foot Salts. With 5 essential oils along with Rosehip and sweet almond oil, my customers have noticed a difference in their skin in mere weeks. The Rose Hand Scrub, as you know from last year’s Peony Parcel, is a beautiful exfoliant whilst still being gentle enough to use on skin suffering from eczema and psoriasis. Many of my customers use this also on their legs and feet! The Bath & Foot Salts soften the skin, easing dryness and helping to relax the mind and preparing the body for sleep. 

The Rose Hand Scrub is a staple on our kitchen sink! Where can we find Freya’s Nourishment products?

The Village Flower Store - Bentleigh East, Melbourne

Cronulla Florist - Cronulla, Sydney

Lanique Design - Cygnet, Tasmania

Sandringham Flowers - Sandringham, Melbourne

The Reflexology Studio, Elsternwick, Melbourne 

Auricfields Kinesiology - Toorak, Melbourne

Radiant Soul Yoga - Port Melbourne

We also have a few more stockists to be revealed shortly! 

Thanks so much Kristie. You can find the Freya’s Nourishment Coffee + Coconut Body Scrub in the current edition GLOW Peony Parcel. Click here to read about all the different ways to use this multitasking scrub!

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