"Me time" with Juliet - Founder of Julisa

January 16, 2018

Founded by Juliet in Brisbane, Julisa was established with their famous 5-free nail polish range, delivering luxurious nail colours to Australia without the “toxic-five” chemicals commonly found in conventional polish. The Julisa line has recently expanded with beautiful natural facial oils and crystal facial rollers. We are excited to bring you Julisa’s rose quartz crystal roller in the January 2018 Peony Parcel Crystal Edition.

Julisa’s rollers can be used on both face and body. The cooling effect of natural gemstone can help relieve puffiness under your eyes and may promote circulation which helps plump and firm skin for a glowing complexion. You can use it as part of your meditation routine and let the beautiful healing energy of rose quartz soothe your mind and soul. Rose quartz is often called the “Love Stone”. It’s energetic hallmark is that of unconditional love that may open the heart chakra.

ME TIME with Juliet - Founder of Julisa

INSPIRATION I created Julisa to advocate mindful beauty based on my belief that little things we can do like changing makeup habits and beauty routine can make a big difference to our wellbeing and to our footprint in the planet.
RESET Yoga practice followed by a cup of warm chai always do the tricks!
INDULGE Getting fresh mani & pedi, facials, foot spa and a long soak session in the bath.
SUMMER BEAUTY ESSENTIAL It has to be our own crystal facial massage roller that works magic on me to de-puff (my face doesn't feel like a marshmallow anymore!).

Julisa and Peony Parcel