5 Tips For Creating A Relaxing Bedroom

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As we all know, life can be stressful and the daily grind can wear down even the most resilient person. To ensure you have a relaxing environment to return to at the end of each day, turn your bedroom into the perfect rest and rejuvenation space with these simple tips.

Switch off

It seems simple but how many of us are guilty of trying to read the whole internet on our phones before we go to bed?

Blue light from our phone screens stimulates the brain and makes it even harder to switch off and relax into sleep. Most smart phones now offer “Night Shift” or similar apps that dial up the warm tones to be more beneficial to our eyes at night. There are even reading glasses designed with a lens coating to block those stimulating blue rays. However, as digital communications continue to dominate our lives, our reliance on the technology can cause issues, not only for your sleep patterns but your relationships. Consider banning screens from the bedroom if you can’t leave your phone alone.

Get organised

Having a bedroom that is neat and free from clutter will allow you to live a more organised life as well as improve your room’s visual appeal. Consider rearranging your furniture to create a more user-friendly space. An orderly room will make life easier – especially when it comes to getting dressed! Make a time to clear out your wardrobe and drawers, invest in some practical storage solutions, wipe down surfaces, change your linen and let some fresh air in.

Create scents

Creating a pleasant space isn’t just about the visual. Aromatherapy has been proven to have positive effects on stress levels. To create a relaxing environment, lightly scent the bedroom with scents such as lavender.

Invest in a comfortable bed

Feeling tired and having trouble focusing throughout the day – a tiredness that goes above and beyond being a little sleepy on a Monday morning – could be traced back to your bed. If you’re still sleeping on the same old lumpy mattress you inherited from an ex-flatmate, it could be time to invest in something that will provide you a more restful night’s sleep. Even if you still aren’t getting as many hours as you’d like, the quality may be improved with a better bed. If that’s out of your budget, start with your pillows.

Enjoy your space

Your bedroom should be the place where you are the most comfortable. It should also reflect your personal taste and lifestyle. If there’s something about the room that annoys you, it will become a point of focus and a distraction. If you’re unable to undertake major changes like painting walls or carpeting, try softening the effect by hanging some prints or choosing a rug that covers up more of the floor.

Creating a bedroom sanctuary is the key to achieving ultimate rest and rejuvenation. What will you do to make your room a more relaxing space?



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