Skin Prep for Summer

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As the warmer weather approaches, it’s time to start letting go of those tights, boots and coats and begin thinking about bare legs, strappy shoulders and sandals.

Winter skin can be dry due to a number of factors; hot showers, heated air and chapping from the cold so it’s good to start your preparation routine early to ensure you have lovely skin by the time the weather heats up.

It sounds onerous but skin preparation needn’t be a chore. First, why not enjoy a luxurious bath? Set aside some time when you won’t be disturbed, light some candles, play some music or pick up the latest copy of your favourite magazine, fill the tub with a beautifully moisturising bath soak and hop in for a rejuvenating experience.

No bathtub? No problem. How about a decadent evening shower with a deliciously-scented exfoliating scrub to awaken your skin? Ensure you choose a product that’s right for you. A gentle product is more suitable for sensitive skin and a coarser one will be more effective for normal / combination skin. Slip on some exfoliating gloves and scrub away all of those dead winter cells to enliven your body. You can even multi-task by applying your favourite face mask or scrub at the same time.

After your bath or shower, slather some rich, creamy body moisturiser or oil all over to hydrate that thirsty winter skin. If you like to have some colour on your legs before the season starts, start applying your gradual tanners now (always remember to use gloves or wash your hands afterwards!) or book in your professional spray tan.

After months of hiding in socks and boots, your feet will definitely need some special attention. Of course, you could do this at home with a pedi-roller to banish that dry skin, clippers and a nail file or you could treat yourself and outsource to the professionals for a full spa pedicure. Enjoy a massage in the chair and a flick through a magazine, a paraffin treatment or warm wrap, top it off with a bright polish and your feet will be ready for those on-trend peep toes, lace-ups and sandals!

It’s important to remember to protect your skin if it hasn’t seen the sun for a while. Ensure your daily face moisturiser has a high SPF and apply additional sunscreen, add a hat or seek shade; especially in the early days of sunnier weather. Prepare your lips with a gentle salt or sugar scrub and then hydrate them with your favourite luxe balm or ointment. Look for lip products that also have SPF for extra protection.

As the weather warms up, try to increase your internal well-being and hydration levels as well as external. Moving away from winter comfort foods towards seasonal fresh product, getting out for some exercise as the weather improves and drinking plenty of water per day will have your skin glowing.

Are you ready to shed your layers and step out into the sun?



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