"Me Time" with Helen - Founder of Be Fraiche

April 20, 2020

Founded  in 2016 by Helen, a tea lover, a Francophone and a passionate skincare formulator, Be Fraîche is a fun-loving Sydney-based company who takes and makes skincare seriously.
 So serious, in fact, that you'll ONLY find these in all their products:

Love, all-natural ingredients, powerful plant extracts, beautifully blended aromas (from essential oils), plenty of natural goodness (vitamins, antioxidants), good-looking packaging, a hint of groove and the undeniable charm of quality skincare.

And you'll NEVER find these:
 Boredom, parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, PEGs, petro-chemicals, micro beads, synthetic fragrances and colourings.


Me Time" with Helen - Founder of Be Fraiche

INSPIRATION  Everything started with a bag of oatmeal which had travelled with me around 6 countries in Europe.

During our Europe trip with my best friend, my skin was in its worst condition, extremely sensitive, red, flaky and inflamed. Despite trying every product I’d known, from the most well-known brands to the so-called “made for sensitive skin” on my face, nothing seemed to help. A quick search online led my friend and I to try the simplest yet incredibly effective home remedies: using oatmeal to wash our faces then cool our skin off with a fresh cucumber mask! The result was phenomenal! My skin was soothed instantly, and I was amazed how such simple and natural ingredients worked so well on my angry, inflamed skin!

Coming back to Australia, I decided to enrol in a cosmetic science school in the UK to study natural skincare formulation then travelled to Grasse, France to study perfumery. It took me nearly 3 years to have the very first products of Be Fraiche ready. In 2016, Be Fraiche was born.

RESET  Tea, meditation and a walk in nature! I’ve created a morning routine that incorporates walking in nature and meditation to help reset my mind for the day. But if I need a little push halfway through a hectic day, I find that having a cup of tea, focusing on my breath and enjoying the scent of the tea, the warmth and the taste will help me anchor my mind and push that “reset” button again. This tip is extremely useful of busy belles, mums with bubs or those who can’t seem to turn their minds off (like myself!)! Try to give yourself 10-15 minutes to enjoy a cupa tea or coffee, or simply be mindful when you do your skincare routine. It helps fill your cup so you can start giving and loving again!

INDULGE  I’ve been into slow living lately. So rather than a massage, my ideal “pamper” session would be spending a day in cabin in the forest, harvesting the veggies from my own garden and cooking a scrumptious, healthy meal for my loved ones. Then in the afternoon, I’d love to gather some herbs and flowers and make my own bath. I just love it, being close to nature and experiencing the natural ingredients in their rawest forms. For me, that’s the best!

AUTUMN BEAUTY ESSENTIAL  Autumn is a lovely season! It’s my favourite season of the year but it’s a bit tricky when it comes to skincare. It’s the transitioning season between the hot and humid summer to the dry and cold winter and your skin seems to get confused as to what it needs and how to behave. That’s why I created our Hydration duo which includes our Flower Face Cream and Seed Face Oil to provide enough moisture as well hydration to help calm and hydrate the skin during this transitional season. I can’t choose one or the other as they’re so different and my skin love them both!

AUTUMN WEEKENDS   A walk in the bush, scrumptious meals, warm fireplace, grilled marshmallow, warm tea, more walk and lovely scented bath.

You can find more about Helen's skincare line here.