"Me Time" with Rachael - Founder of Beautiful Souls Skin Care

August 16, 2020

Founded by Rachael in Adelaide, Beautiful Souls Skincare is a new line of aromatic skincare enriched with natural Australian skin loving ingredients. Handcrafted by a qualified cosmetic chemist without the use of sulphates, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances or colours, Beautiful Souls skincare is designed to nourish and rejuvenate your skin. The first product release is the innovative Scrub and Mask that is convenient, multi-tasking and delivers everything you need all in one bottle! We were lucky enough to include a bottle of this scrub and mask in one in our self care subscription box.  Use the scrub as a quick fix when you're short on time but still want to clarify and soften your complexion. Or use as a mask when you are wanting a deeper exfoliation.

"Me Time" with Rachael - Founder of Beautiful Souls Skincare

INSPIRATION  My inspiration for Beautiful Souls Skin Care came from wanting to celebrate inner beauty just as much as outer beauty. We live in a vain world and so much focus is put on how we look on the outside forgetting about the beauty we possess on the inside. I am a kind, compassionate & ethical person and wanted to create a brand that reflected my beliefs.

Enhancing women’s beauty with natural skincare that is clean soothing and kind on skin, all the while cherishing their beautiful souls. Appreciating who they really are, making conscious, selfless choice, consuming products that cause no harm to others. I believe these people are pretty special and we can be both, beautiful on the inside and out.

RESET  I always hit the yoga mat when I need to reset and bring back balance. Yin yoga is the style I am loving at the moment due to the deep stretching and meditative state I get into when doing the practice.

INDULGE  It would definitely have to be a day at the spa. Starting with a full body and Indian head massage. Next a mud body masque wrap, relaxing in a private spa bath with fruits and a magazine. Finish with a dry sauna, cool shower and a foot spa… bliss!

WINTER  One winter beauty essential I couldn’t live without is my Hurraw coconut lip balm, it’s a must have for me.

INDULGENT WINTER WEEKEND  Sitting by our log fire snuggling our dog, reading a book or watching Netflix. Drinking coffee and eating chocolate in my pyjamas. Cooking a hearty evening meal and enjoying a glass of wine.

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