"Me Time" with Simone Taylor - Founder of Louvelle

April 05, 2021

Founded in Brisbane by Simone Taylor, Louvelle is known for its luxury vintage inspired turban shower cap and hair accessories that are stocked in exclusive stores including David Jones. Louvelle has always been committed to and passionate about making women feel good in the bathroom – as a sanctuary from our busy lives in the outside world.

Now you can add Louvelle’s luxury bath and body range to transform your daily bathing ritual into one of indulgence. Made with skin loving ingredients that have been expertly crafted, Louvelle’s Bathing Beauties range will gently cleanse, soothe and repair skin. The Bathing Beauties range is inspired by iconic golden age muses Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly and the scents of the Cote d'Azur. Discover one of Louvelle's luxury Bathing Beauties shower gels in the current Peony Parcel. 

We had the pleasure of interviewing Simone about her inspiration behind Louvelle and what she does to reset when life gets a bit hectic.

ME TIME with Simone - Founder of Louvelle
Inspiration  I created Louvelle because I wanted women to be able to have a shower cap as chic as everything else in a woman’s wardrobe. I was inspired by the timeless style of turbans as an alternative to the puffy bonnet style plastic cap.  I have been very fortunate in that thousands of women around the world have loved wearing our pieces. 

Hero  When creating our bath products range we were inspired by fine fragrance to add a touch of luxury to women’s shower routines. My personal favourite is the Brigitte Shower/Gel Bubble Bath as it is so gentle and smells like a peach, followed by the Body Souffle Creme which is very nourishing but lightweight which is great for our humid climate. 
Reset  When life gets hectic, (and I need 5 minutes peace from the kids!) I retreat to the bathroom. Having some me time, whether it be a hair treatment or a long hot bath with our bath soak helps me to feel rejuvenated. 

Indulge A walk on the beach followed by a swim and a massage! Sounds like bliss. 
Movement  I have been doing hot yoga for the last year. Although I’m not naturally very flexible, doing yoga a few times a week has helped a lot with preventing back pain and also the meditative aspect has helped with stress relief. 
Nourish  I am obsessed with Kombucha! It is low calorie and good for gut health.. I sometimes substitute it for wine and it still gives that little bit of sweetness.

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