Unboxing the Luxe Spa Edition

March 21, 2021

Unboxing the Luxe Spa Edition

Ready for a spa retreat at home? Available as a one off pamper gift box to yourself or someone special, or as a Peony Parcel subscription box plan delivered to your door every quarter, welcome to the luxe spa pamper edition!  

Set aside a little time and recreate a beautiful day spa experience at home. Elevate your facial with the cleanser, serum and firming peptide face masks, relax with a beautifully scented luxury body wash, indulge in some decadent stone ground chocolate and wellbeing tea. And we didn’t miss the thought of freshly cut flowers that you see in day spas, although these will require a little time to nurture and bloom. The wait will be worth it!

Here's the full list of premium Australian beauty, lifestyle and wellness products included in the Luxe Spa Edition.

ACEOLOGY // Firming Peptide Hydrogel Face Mask (4 pack) Full Size. This mask is full of not one, not two... but SIX different peptides, making it the ultimate Anti-Aging mask out there! The unique blend of Peptides helps to soothe skin, restore bounce & repair skin cells leaving you with a healthy glow. We also included an entire full size box of masks, because let's face it, you'll want to use this weekly once you've tried it!

Exclusive Aceology Offer: Use code PEONY10 for a 10% discount on all full priced items. Valid until 31 May 2021.

LOUVELLE WEAR// Louvelle Bathing Beauties Shower Gel & Bubble Bath Full Size. The Bathing Beauties range is inspired by iconic golden age muses Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot and Grace Kelly and the scents of the Cote d'Azur. A non-drying body wash and bubble bath enriched with anti-inflammatory and moisturising pro-vitamin B5 is included in each parcel.

Exclusive Louvelle Offer: Use code PEONY15 for a 15% discount on all full priced items. Valid until 31 May 2021.

BYRON BAY TEA COMPANY // Glow and Energy Tea Sachet. The Byron Bay Tea Company takes great care in selecting tea, herbs, fruits, and spices of  exceptional quality with the belief that natural, certified organic, wild-crafted and pesticide-free ingredients are better for you. The Glow and Energy tea sachets are beautiful to enjoy any time of the day. 

Exclusive Byron Bay Tea Company Offer: Use code PEONY10 for a 10% discount on all full priced items. Valid until 31 May 2021.

E.S.K. SKINCARE // Hydroxy Cleanser, 15g travel size. Evidence Skincare (ESK) is Australia’s leading cosmeceutical skincare brand using the latest science and peer-reviewed evidence to combat the physical signs of ageing, as well as acne, rosacea, pigmentation and dryness. This soap-free cleanser gently exfoliates dead skin cells by dissolving connective bonds and revealing brighter, plumper, younger-looking skin. 

Exclusive E.S.K. Skincare Offer: Use code PEONYTIME for a 15% discount on all full priced items. Valid until 31 May 2021.

E.S.K. SKINCARE // Ultimate A, 15g travel size.  Formulated with Retinal (0.06%), a Vitamin A derivative 20 times more effective than OTC Retinol, this non-irritating night cream binds with receptors in the skin to help stimulate collagen production, increase epidermal thickness, reduce pigmentation and increase skin cell turnover.

BLOOMETTE // Full Size Wand. Bloomette for Hair has developed a formulation that holds your flyaways while conditioning the hair leaving it looking healthier and softer than ever before. Not only are the products sulfate, paraben and alcohol free (your hair will thank you later), Bloomette is also 100% cruelty-free.

Exclusive Bloomette Offer: Use code PP20 for a 20% discount on all full priced items (orders over $40). Valid until 31 May 2021.

VEGAN LEATHER SANITISER HOLDER// Pale Pink Hand Sanitiser Holder with key ring Full Size. Attach this hand sanitiser holder to your bag or keyrings (refillable empty bottle included).

PEONY PARCEL// DAILY PLANNER A5 Full Size. A space for planning the day, top goals, daily health & wellbeing, and meals.

SETTLER SEEDS// Settle Hives Flower Seeds Full Size. Settler hives flower seeds to plant and then to enjoy flowers when they bloom.

Cuvée Chocolate Mini Collection. Composed of a selection of Cuvée’s most popular varieties; the Grand Cru, Amphora and Soleo. 

Available now for a limited time only as a one off luxury gift box or part of our quarterly pamper subscription box plans.